Sarah Choudhrey

Sara Choudhrey

Sara is an artist and practiced-based researcher, exploring our sense and engagement with space and society through hybrid artistic practice. Sara combines a number of methods and materials in her work, using traditional pattern-making as a base from which to further explore how intersections of people and spaces can be manifest through physical forms and creative expression. .
Her latest artworks engage the viewer on dual level explorations of Islamic geometric patterns, providing an insight into the underlying constructions through laser cut, engraved and stained wood.

Al Jaqmaqiyya I & II  2018 (£910 each)

Sara Choudhrey

Laser etched and cut wood

Inspired by the principle of making knowledge accessible for all, Al Jaqmaqiyya I and II provide the viewer with a dual level insight into the construction methods used in traditional Islamic geometry. 

Using a pattern found upon the stone mihrāb of the 15th century Al Jaqmaqiyya Madrassa in Damascus, Syria, the 16-fold pattern conveys the significance of individual shapes contributing to larger compositions. 

In this contemporary rendering, the hidden structure is made visible for the viewer to share the experience of proportional geometry, encouraging their engagement through the use of depth, shadows and alignment.

Al Jaqmaqiyya I 2018  (£910)

Al Jaqmaqiyya I 2018 (£910)

Al Jaqmaqiyya II 2018  (£910)

Al Jaqmaqiyya II 2018 (£910)


Maryam Zamani I  2018 (£975)

Sara Choudhrey

Laser etched and cut wood

The geometric patterns in this series reference decorative art from historic architectural sites in Syria and Pakistan, some in ruins or in the process of restoration. By bringing this subject to the fore, questions can be raised regarding our interactions and responses to changing spaces.  

The Maryam Zamani Masjid in Lahore, Pakistan, is one of the earliest Mughal mosques built. A masjid with a significant and tumultuous history, it is currently undergoing restoration of its vast fresco-covered surfaces. The masjid is still in use by local residents and able to serve its purpose but only whilst a value for its form and function is retained.

Maryam Zamani I 2018  (£975)

Maryam Zamani I 2018 (£975)


Santiponce 2018  (SOLD)

Sara Choudhrey 

Laser etched acrylic 

Providing an exploration of 16-fold geometry, Santiponce presents the viewer with a visual aid to understanding the stages of origin and composition. A reflective surface places the viewer within the frame, presenting their ‘self’ amongst a complex grid of radii, both uniform and myriad. 

Santiponce is a town within the province of Seville, home to the ex-Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, the walls of which are decorated with frescoes of geometric and arabesque designs. 

Santiponce I 2018  (£975 - SOLD)

Santiponce I 2018 (£975 - SOLD)