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Mughal Jaali Patterns with Samira Mian

Please note that in addition to the free workshops provided by Manifesting the Unseen we are also hosting some paid for workshops led by our artists. 

Participants learn to draw a range of Islamic Geometric patterns in the morning and then transfer one or more patterns to watercolour paper to paint in the afternoon and carry on at home.  All are welcome, no experience is needed and all resources & materials are provided.

We draw layers of lines and circles step by step using a compass and straight edge to create a complex underlying grid from which a beautiful pattern will emerge. We outline, trace and transfer the pattern to watercolour paper, to be decorated using watercolour pencils & paints.  PDF guides are  emailed to every participant in advance of the workshop, so that you may view on a device through the workshop or print off too, these are then be used to continue working on patterns independently at home.

Please note that the exhibition will remain open to the public during the workshop, although visitors are asked to be mindful of noise

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Price: £44