Amber Khokhar 

Artist and designer Amber Khokhar combines her strong background in design with a diverse academic and practical knowledge of traditional art to create enchanting designs, paintings and products.

HRH Prince Charles commissioned Amber to design a carpet for Buckingham Palace, making Amber the first person commissioned to design a modern carpet for the Palace. On seeing her watercolour designs for silk and wool carpets ‘Under which Rivers Flow’ HRH suggested Amber design a carpet for The Picture Gallery. 

An alumni of Central Saint Martins, Amber’s studies include a British Council scholarship at The Academy of Fine Art, Warsaw and tutelage in Indian Art and Indian Temple Architecture with Dr Pramod Chandra at Harvard University. She holds a Masters in Traditional Art and continues to share her academic and practical knowledge through workshops. As an accomplished educator, Amber has devised practical workshops at schools and museums locally and internationally, she is a Sessional Lecturer at Birkbeck College, London University, where she teaches on the World Art and Artefacts Programme. 

Amber continues to teach, and work from her studio at Cockpit Arts in London where her distinctive hand painted art and designs are highly sought after by public and private galleries, art buyers and design businesses.

Entwined (Mercy Rain)  2018 (£800)

Amber Khokhar

Mixed media including natural pigments

The Cypress Tree is a metaphor frequently encountered in the arts of Islam. 

Traditionally entwined by a flowering vine, in this artwork the motif, being isolated, stands resolute amidst a dizzy whorl.

Entwined (Mercy Rain) 2018  (£800)

Entwined (Mercy Rain) 2018 (£800)


Entwined (Graceful Cypress)  2018 (£1800)

Amber Khokhar

Natural pigments on handmade paper

Inspired by traditional Safavid* techniques and themes; this painting shows the Cypress Tree has found union with the flowering bower.

*The Safavid dynasty ruled modern day Iran from 1501 through to 1736

Entwined (Graceful Cypress) 2018  (£1800)

Entwined (Graceful Cypress) 2018 (£1800)


Entwined (Purity)  2018 (£800)

Amber Khokhar

Mixed media including natural pigments

Entwined is a series of artworks inspired by the Cypress Tree motif. Popular in Islamic arts, the tree can represent the Oneness of God. 

The painting entwines the traditional with the modern, the ‘Upright’ with the spinning whorl of ‘Dunya

Entwined (Purity) 2018  (£800)

Entwined (Purity) 2018 (£800)